AMG Attendance System

AMG Attendance System 1.15

AMG Time and Attendance provide many benefits to business of all sizes
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AMG Time and Attendance Professional Software brings efficiency and flexibility to administrators and managers of growing businesses. With 2 administrative users and 50 Employee Limit, you can take advantage of several built-in modules such as one screen easy scheduling, bell scheduling, shift differential and punch analysis. Along with various other options, you can export employee attendance information conveniently to your existing payroll interface.

- Supports unlimited number of users, employees, policies, shifts, categories and other objects.
- Is a Client-Server application.
- Enables generating payroll reports to be used by 3rd party payroll systems.
- Enables auto execution of some processes such as Running File, Running and sending Reports by e-mail, Polling Device, Database Optimization and Database Backup.
- Tracks employees’ benefit hours such as vacation and sick hours.
- Has a database backup, restore and optimization tools.
- Enables generating payroll reports to be used by 3rd party payroll systems.

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